This page describes printing technologies that can be used to personalize items with their pros and cons.

Screen printing

Screen printing is the classic method that can be applied to practically all items. It is based on the principle of letting the color filter through a thinly woven frame onto an underlying surface placed in contact with the frame.

  • PRO is the simplest and most commonly used technology. Customization can be carried out on practically any type of material (nylon, ABS , leather, fabric, wood, plastic, etc.) with flat and four- color colors and on flat and curved surfaces.
  • CONS given the type of printing, depending on the objects, a perfectly clean cut of the character is not normally obtained

Pad printing

Pad printing is a more refined printing method than screen printing. A semi-automatic machine is used . It is also suitable for reproducing the image even on curved surfaces. It does not require a frame, in fact it uses a plate on which a silicone pad collects a quantity of ink and imprints it on the surface of the object.

  • PRO it is possible to reproduce very minute details, extremely thin lines and shades; objects of the most varied shapes can be customized, with flat or curved surfaces.
  • CONS It is not suitable for printing very large backgrounds intended to contrast dark surfaces


It is the most elegant method to personalize clothing. The typical example is the advertising text and/or logo sewn onto the cap and polo shirt. Patches or embroidered labels to place on the clothing you want can also be supplied.

  • PRO is ideal for multi-color brands or designs and allows you to embroider up to a maximum of 8 colors at the same cost. It is particularly suitable for caps, t-shirts, sweatshirts and other items of clothing.
  • CONS: only fabrics (caps or clothing) are customized. Details or small characters, shades or excessively elaborate designs cannot be reproduced.


A laser beam engraves the chosen item in a precise and always the same way. The final effect is refined and is suitable for customizing only "hard" materials such as wood, crystal and metal.

  • PRO the customization effect is among the most exclusive and refined. The quality of detail is high and the customization is almost indestructible over time.
  • CONS: printing colors cannot be used (the effect is given by the engraving of the material) and only a few items lend themselves to this type of customisation. At the moment it is only possible to engrave flat surfaces or surfaces with low curvature angles.


Digital printing is applied on various types of support with both flat and four-colour colors and allows the use of any graphic processing. The most used items are banners, flags and labels, the latter of which can then be cut into the most diverse shapes.

  • PRO is ideal for multi-color logos and texts because it allows six-color printing at no additional cost. It allows faster creation of the finished product because the classic printing processes are canceled.
  • CONS The best effect is obtained by printing on white backgrounds.


It is a digital print on a special material support specifically created for transfer to the product. Through a hot press, the support transfers the print onto the fabric for light fabrics and the film, which adheres to the fabric, for dark fabrics. It is also used to personalize rigid surfaces such as mugs , wood and certain types of metal and stone.

  • PRO It is ideal for multi-colour and/or four-colour printing because it allows you to limit customization costs to a minimum and to reproduce even very minute details and for small quantities. Being a new technology, if the washing conditions are respected, the print has a long life, always keeping the colors alive.
  • CONS At the moment it is not possible to transfer only the toner onto dark fabrics, because it would mix with the color of the fabric, offsetting the colors of the print .
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